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Shureido NW3 Kata gi (New Wave 3) WKF approved.

The ultimate in Kata’s gi’s enhancing your presence on the mat!

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Shureido New Wave 3 Kata Gi

This Shureido New Wave 3 Karate Gi Set is made using a cotton/polyester blend fabric, this model is recommended for Kata.


  • Suitable for activities and mobility because of the three dimensional cut of the pants.
  • Avoids clinging of karate gi and keeps the shape with special sewn yoke on the back, that absorbs sweat.
  • The fabric has firmness, which holds its shape
  • Shrinkage of jacket and pants length is 2cm.
  • Reference to the weight of NW3: 1.5kg/Size 4 (Jacket & Pants)


The Pants feature a three dimensional cut to make it easier to move and stay mobile while wearing it.

The special stitching used for the back part keeps the shape of the Shureido Gi and let’s the fabric absorb the sweat to prevent the fabric from sticking to your skin.

The fabric used for this Shureido Gi is firm and has a thick texture, which let’s the Gi keep it’s shape and makes it extra durable.

A size 4 Gi and pants set weighs approx. 1.5KG.

Competing in a Shureido NW3 gives you the presence of an elite athlete. Wear the best, strive to be the best and compete with confidence


Looking for a light weight gi as well? Have a look at the Shureido WAZA for summer training and kumite events

Shureido WAZA Kumite Gi

Shureido WAZA Kumite Gi



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