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Perfect addition to your training gear back – a set of Hayashi Focus Mitts.

Work on technique, accuracy and speed all with partner mitt work. So many drills for technique and cardio use as well.



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Hayashi Focus Mitts

Hayashi Focus mitts are ideal kicking and punching target mitts to build hand/ foot eye coordination, perfect technique and more!

These focus mitts are made of durable Rexion artificial leather with multifoam padding.

They feature a secure adjustable strap on the back and a finger hood protecting the holders hands.

The focus mitts are approx 25cm long so providing a good area to make contact with.

Suitable for use in Boxing, Karate, Kickboxing, MMA and other strike training

These focus mitts are flat to avoid injury to the punchers hands/ wrists.

Punching / kicking mitt drills can aid improvement of technique, distance and fitness

Sold in pairs.


These focus mitts are super durable. An excellent choice in your own kit bag or part of your gym stock for multiple students to use.


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