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TopTen Triangle II Neo shinguards for Muay Thai kickboxing, K1 and MMA sparring, training and competitions.

Red and Green colour detail to chose from


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Top Ten Shin Guard “Triangle II Neo”

UPGRADE for your safety to the TopTen Shin Guard “Triangle II Neo” Now available in Red or Green! 

With the “Triangle II Neo” TOP TEN wanted to meet the high standards of Thai boxing, K 1 and MMA styles. TopTen more than “just succeeded” with their design; The shin and instep guard is particularly light-weight, yet with complete protection.

The IMF foam padding is wrapped in a sturdy and durable outer skin made of synthetic leather. To ensure that nothing slips, the protective equipment is closed with a strong hook and loop fastener, which is precisely guided via eyelets which restrict the pads from moving while training.

Does not give sweat a chance.

Sweat is the reward for effort – but can also have quite unpleasant consequences. Especially under tight clothing or protective equipment, wetness, in combination with friction, can cause extremely unpleasant skin irritations. Here TOP TEN beat two birds with one stone. The use of fleece on the inside of the “Triangle II Neon” absorbs sweat and the soft grip prevents chafing.

Always stay on the ground.

Barefoot, we have the best contact with the ground and thus a secure footing. We also want to use these advantages in the shin guards “Triangle II Neon”. Your sole is free under the protector and is secured by elastic bands on the heels and the ball of the foot.

These shin guards are suitable for use in MMA. Muay Thai and K1 training, sparring and competitions.

The “Triangle II Neo” are black with red detail or Black and Green


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